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Tutoring in Winnipeg

chelsea arns winnipeg

Chelsea Arns


Directors of Education

With education and confidence comes empowerment and opportunity!

  • In home customized tutoring
  • Individualized Learning Plans
  • Tutor-Mentorship and Ongoing Support

Winnipeg Tutoring Programs

At TutorBright, we understand the demand for tutors that can help your child no matter the situation, whether they’re looking to either catch up, or get ahead. We are dedicated to providing a personalized in-home tutoring approach which helps students succeed. We are proud to offer services to all areas of Winnipeg and surrounding areas including (but not limited to) the neighbourhoods of Seven Oaks, River East, Transcona, St. Boniface, St. Vital, Fort Garry, River Heights and St. James Assiniboia.

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TutorBright Winnipeg in Action!


Kids playing with Tangrams at the South End United Soccer Jamboree in July TutorBright Winnipeg Director of Education Chelsea enjoying a Little Break from Learning at the Grant Park Fields Kids Learning About Electricity with TutorBright Winnipeg A Little Tutoring Fun with TutorBright Winnipeg
Director of Education, Evy Vun, supporting Autism Awareness Day in Winnipeg TutorBright Winnipeg featured in PACE magazine Our Second Tutoring Featured Article in Pace Magazine Our Third Tutoring Featured Article in Pace Magazine


Winnipeg Testimonials

“My grandson was struggling in school. There was no attention to detail and no interest in putting in an effort. We tried many different ways to try to engage him in homework and assignments. Nothing worked. Our biggest fear was that he would not be ready for high school in a year and a half and that he would be so fed up with school he would end up quitting. Finally we decided the time had come to get him a tutor…”

“In February 2015 I started searching the internet and after reading user reviews I decided to give TutorBright a call. They came and did an assessment on him and were able to determine that he was 2 years behind where he should be. Chelsea at TutorBright selected a tutor who was enthusiastic and caring. Klarissa has spent time working with him to improve his work habits and to keep him focused. She was able to get him engaged and now he is eager to learn…”

“So here it is 9 months later and he just received his report card. Tears came to my eyes when I saw how fantastic he did. His marks range from 75 to 80 and the comments from the teachers are the kind that every parent/grandparent wants to see. If he keeps this up, he may even be in the running for scholarships when he gets into high school. Would I recommend TutorBright? In a heartbeat…thank you so very much Klarissa and Chelsea at TutorBright!” – C Turner from Winnipeg

“I am extremely grateful to TutorBright for finding such amazing tutor-mentors to work with my daughter Sandra. Before I hired your company, Sandra’s marks were only 48% in math and 53% in chemistry. In only a few weeks, her math mark jumped to 69% and after a few months, her chemistry final exam mark was 87% – even the teacher was quite surprised! The tutor-mentor’s you chose for Sandra were excellent. Although we had to wait for the right match, I understand it was because you wanted the best fit tutor to work with my daughter. I have to say that TutorBright is one of the best tutoring companies in Winnipeg, as I have used other institutions before. We will definitely be using your services again in the future.” – Dara from Winnipeg

“When my daughter Britney started with TutorBright, she was struggling to pass grade 9 math. After having been matched with her tutor Sandy, she not only passed her math course with no problem, but her attitude towards school was more positive than it had been in years. I have used other tutoring services before, but TutorBright is by far, the best one. Your services and tutors are amazing and I thank you for teaching Britney the study skills, organization and confidence that she needed!” – Amanda from Winnipeg

My son had a difficult school year last year. He suffered a concussion in January, and had to miss over 5 weeks of school. Because he was unable to write his midterms in January, his final exams were worth 70% of his final grade. I contacted Chelsea at TutorBright and asked if she would be able to help my son. Chelsea and the incredible tutors that she recommended went above and beyond our expeditions. The tutors taught my son study skills and created mock exams for him to practice with prior to his finals…

This gave him the ability to know what he needed to work on and it helped to ease the anxiety that comes with having such heavily-weighted exams. He worked very hard with his tutors, and it was worth every minute for his self-esteem. We are proud to say that he passed his exams in every subject! This year, we still have the same tutor come for a session once a week just in case he needs some help with his school work. Knowing that he can meet with her keeps his mind clear and his self-esteem high. I cannot thank Chelsea and the tutors at TutorBright enough for bringing a smile and more confidence each and every day to my son! – Heather Thompson, Winnipeg MB

When my daughter informed us just how badly she was struggling with grade 10 calculus, I thought she had no hope of passing the class and that she would have to repeat the course. TutorBright was there the next evening to match a tutor for my daughter, who, within two weeks, was ready for her exam. Her tutor was able to work within our schedule, was professional, and gave my daughter the confidence she needed to try her best. There are tutoring services that may be gotten cheaper, but the quality of the individuals at TutorBright, and the results that they achieved in such a short time, would lead me back without hesitation. Thank you TutorBright! – Jana

Not only does our daughter Sara look forward to seeing her ‘best part of Monday’ every week – who happens to be her tutor Janice – but since tutoring with TutorBright, Sara has been able to keep up with her school work and get ahead! Thank you Janice and TutorBright! – Dorothy H, Winnipeg

Tutoring Winnipeg

When is it time to hire a tutor?

On the other side of the spectrum, there are students who find that their school work is not challenging enough. As a result, their grades could slip as they become bored and inattentive. Again, a child may express this frustration to their parents, but they may not.

In some cases, a parent may not know there is a problem until the child brings home a poor report card or until they receive a telephone call from the school.

Any of these scenarios can be helped with the services of a qualified tutor.

What makes TutorBright different?

And unlike many services that have set teaching methods for every student, we offer a personalized approached based on the specific needs and learning style of the student.

Each enrollment begins with a free, no-obligation assessment in the client’s home. This gives us a chance to meet your child, identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to assess their individual learning style. This in turn, helps us to match them with the Tutor-Mentor that is best suited to them and develop a personalized academic plan just for them.

Mentoring sessions take place in the comfort of the student’s own home. The goal of the Tutor-Mentor will be not only to present and instruct the subject matter at hand, but also to provide the student with tools and strategies to help them learn, comprehend and retain the material.
This method of teaching not only helps the students to improve their grades, but it also helps to build a lot of self-confidence as they realize that they really can do math, or that reading is actually fun.

Additionally, unlike some services, we never lock parents into contracts or have them purchase in bulk hours. We want to keep our services affordable and let our results speak for themselves.

If you feel that your child could benefit from having one of our Tutor-Mentors tutor them in any subject or program, we invite you to give us a call to book your free assessment. Find out why so many other Winnipeg parents have already put their trust in us.