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Canada is a bilingual country, and our students face the unique challenge of learning French as a second, or sometimes third, language. If you don’t speak French at home, we know it’s extremely hard to help your child with the subject. We want our students to stay hopeful of their ability to pick up the language and we understand that they need help. We help our French students with:

  • Core French
  • Extended
  • French Immersion
  • French school board
  • Professional French courses and tests

While French is offered as a course in schools, if you want your child to become fluent, your child needs lots of practice outside of the classroom. French lessons with TutorBright are a wise investment as they provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere where a student can practice their French speaking and writing skills.

The best way to learn any language is to study it at a young age, but anyone can improve their language skills with enough practice, study, and commitment. Our Tutor-Mentors make this process enjoyable, keeping students from becoming discouraged as they take on the challenge.

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