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We Want to Understand

Affordable In-Home Tutoring | We Want to Understand

We provide a fully comprehensive consultation and assessment that will help us identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their learning style. This is free of charge, and it will allow us to fully understand your needs.



No Contract, No Bulk Hours

Affordable In-Home Tutoring | No Contract, No Bulk Hours

We don’t believe in contracts or bulk hours. We feel that you should not be forced to stay with us if you feel that we can’t provide you with the best tutoring service for your child.

Stress Free Parents

Affordable In-Home Tutoring | Stress Free Parents

We understand the gaps in the education system, and the stress parents feel when handling their child’s education.




Affordable In-Home Tutoring | Affordable

We believe that every child has the right to a great education. That’™s why we make our services affordable to everyone.

Team Work

Affordable In-Home Tutoring | Team Work

We believe in teamwork. We work with all of the people involved with your child’s education (including teachers, schools and parents) to raise their grades, confidence and self-esteem.



World-Class Tutors & Mentors

Affordable In-Home Tutoring | World-Class Tutors & Mentors

All of our tutor-mentors are hand-selected and have the common desire to help students. They are subject experts and have substantial training in communication skills, 1-to-1 teaching methods and mentorship. This isn’t just a job for them – it’s a chance to help change a student’s life.

We Care

Affordable In-Home Tutoring | We Care

No matter what, we will do everything in our power to help your child. Your child’s success is our success, and nothing takes precedence over that. We take pride in going the extra mile for our students every day.



Grades Are Just The Beginning

Affordable In-Home Tutoring | Grades Are Just The Beginning

Poor academic results are usually the symptom of much more. We tackle a lack of confidence and low self-esteem with mentorship and a strong tutor-student relationship. Above all, we help students regain the belief in themselves and their abilities.


My passion for tutoring started with Nancy, my very first student. Nancy was in her senior year of high school, and she was failing English. She wasn’™t attending classes and rarely did her homework. I immediately noticed that Nancy had no confidence in her writing skills, and had given up on herself. It wrenched my heart to see a hopelessness inside her that went beyond her poor grades, beyond her lack of effort. She didn’™t believe in herself.

The catch, though, was that Nancy could write beautifully. I saw that she had great ideas. It was even apparent that she liked to write, sometimes. She only lacked a solid understanding of grammar. Her poor grammar had hindered her writing year after year, causing bad grades and negative teachers to chip away at her confidence.

It only took a few sessions with Nancy to start to see more smiles on her face.
I taught her the grammar skills she needed, of course, but it was my focus on positive psychology and mentorship that gave her a new sense of confidence in a short time. Her attitude changed, she worked harder, and she began to love school. She was in love with learning again.

It’s 7 years later, and Nancy has graduated from a top university. She’™s achieving her dreams, and so am I. I’™m proud to say that TutorBright has helped thousands of students like Nancy, and that we’ve become the one of the best and most comprehensive tutoring service in the world.

– Sunny Verma,President of TutorBright

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