Science Tutoring in Saskatoon

Science is as challenging as it is rewarding, and a child who is able to flourish in a science course will find infinite possibilities opened up to them. Our Tutor-Mentors will show your child how to build on foundational knowledge and innovate using the properties and formulas they know. Science, more so than any other subject, incorporates a wide variety of disciplines and skillsets. If your child struggles with even one of these areas, it can be difficult to grasp the broader science curriculum. Our specialized program targets problem areas and fills in all necessary blanks to ensure that your child gets the most out of their science education. TutorBright provides private, in-home tutoring by qualified Tutor-Mentors who are able to present the course material in the way that is both engaging and compatible with your child’s learning style.

Before TutorBright, Jessica hated her science courses. She didn’t understand the teacher and he hated tests. There was always an argument to get her to do her homework. Her tutor helps him understand and get ready for each week!
–Praveena K.



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