French Tutoring in Saskatoon

Bilingualism is part of the Canadian mosaic, and fluency in French can open doors to lucrative careers and new cultural experiences for Canadians. The most efficient time to learn a new language is a person’s youth, since young minds can absorb vocabulary and syntax more naturally than when they’re older. Whether it’s a younger student enrolled in French immersion, or an adult learner who wants to become fluent in French, we have the right Tutor-Mentor on our roster to help students reach their goals. Our personalized curriculum locates the strengths and needs of each student, and works with a mixture of their homework and our own supplementary materials to get their French speaking to where it needs to be.

TutorBright offers a range of programs including Core French, French Immersion, and Extended French. Whether your child is just in Kindergarten or in Grade 12, we have tutors and programs ready to help them on their path to success. Our tutors will help your child with:

  • Oral French
  • Written French
  • French Grammar
  • Developing a positive attitude towards learning

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