Math Tutoring in Ottawa

No one would argue that math is not a critical subject in the classroom. Whether your child grows up to be an engineer who needs to perform complex equations, or whether they simply need to balance the family budget, the skills they learn in math will be with them throughout their lives. Nevertheless, it is rare to see a child who is excited about math class. This is mainly because it is one of the most common areas we see children struggling in school.

Why some children struggle with mathematics

In many ways, mathematics is a unique subject in elementary and high school. It involves memorization of equations, and problem solving skills and engages different parts of the brain than languages and arts do.

In the early grades, students are taught basic principles of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Later they are taught principles of fractions, geometry, algebra, calculus, probability etc. Each unit builds upon principles that were taught in an earlier grade or semester.

But when students have failed to master these earlier concepts, how can they hope to understand the new material that is being taught? As a result, students can fall further and further behind until they simply believe that they are just “no good at math”.

Every child can be successful in math!

One of the most common reasons why kids start to fall behind in math is that they have a different learning style then many of their classmates. That’s why math tutoring with TutorBright starts with a free, no-obligation in home learning assessment.

By identifying your child’s unique learning style as well as understanding their areas of weakness in mathematics we can match them with one of our great Tutor-Mentors and develop a tailor made learning plan just for them. Instead of merely trying drill their current grade math curriculum, we dig a little deeper, determining where their foundational math skills are missing.

Once your child has a firm foundation in place, their grade level math will naturally start to become easier and easier. We love seeing a child who previously thought they couldn’t understand math, suddenly beam with pride when they realize that they really do have the ability to excel.

Our Tutor-Mentors

Each of our Ottawa based Tutor-Mentors is an expert in the subject matter that they teach, whether they are helping an elementary child to understand the basics of their multiplication tables or helping a high school senior with advanced functions.

More than that however, they are caring individuals who have a passion to help children succeed. They have received special training in teaching to a variety of learning styles and if one teaching strategy is not working well, they will try another approach until they find something that resonates with your child.

Sessions take place inside the home, and after a short time, most students look forward to sessions with their Tutor-Mentor. It can be a lot of fun and having someone dedicated to helping you in a safe, comfortable environment is a very positive experience for students.

Why TutorBright?

Parents and students choose TutorBright for one simple reason, our approach. By focusing on the underlying issues instead of the symptoms, students in our Ottawa math tutoring program gradually grow from being frustrated to being confident in their studies. We offer competitive pricing and you are never locked into a contract.

Call TutorBright today, to schedule your free, in-home assessment for your child.

Before TutorBright, Andrew hated math. He didn’t understand the teacher and he hated tests. There was always an argument to get him to do his homework. His tutor helps him understand and get ready for each week!
–Praveena K.


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