Homework Tutoring in Ottawa

While they might not appreciate it now, homework is an important part of your child’s education. But without a teacher available to ask questions, or the structure of the classroom environment, homework can also be a real chore and difficult task. Homework help with TutorBright can make homework time less stressful for the whole family and can ensure that your child gets the help they need and develop important skills in concentration, organization and self-discipline.

Why homework?

If your child is taking dance classes, learning to play an instrument or enrolled in sports, you know the importance of practice. In many respects, homework is like practice for their education – it helps to reinforce the lessons that they are learning in the classroom.

Homework also helps them develop independence, and important organizational skills that will benefit them well beyond their years of formal education.

Why homework help tutoring?

If homework is meant to help develop independence in the child, you may be wondering why many children need homework help on such a consistent basis. Often there is too much homework given or there wasn’t enough time during class for the student to properly understand the lesson behind the homework given. The problem also may not be with the homework itself – it may be that the child simply hasn’t developed the skills to sit down after school and get it done.

A Tutor-Mentor from TutorBright can help in the following ways:

  • Tutor in subjects where the child is struggling.
  • Help with organizational and time-management skills.
  • Develop essay writing skills.
  • Provide strategies for the child to become more self-disciplined to complete their homework on their own.
  • Help your child prepare for tests and exams
  • Study strategies.
  • Provide practice questions.

The TutorBright Process

When a parent is interested in homework help for their child, our first step is to conduct a free in-home assessment. This gives us a chance to identify areas of strength and areas in which the child requires additional help. Most importantly, it lets us identify the unique learning style of your child.

Once we understand how your child best learns, it is much easier to match them with a great Tutor-Mentor and develop a personalized learning plan.

All tutoring takes place in your home, where the child is most comfortable. Our goal is more than simply making sure they do the assigned work – our goal is to help give your child the skills and confidence they need to become independent learners and be able to eventually complete their homework on their own.

The TutorBright Difference

Unlike some other tutoring organizations, TutorBright never locks parents into to lengthy contracts or bulk hours. Parents and their kids should never have to stay with a tutor out of obligation – rather they should stay because they are happy with the results. And at TutorBright, we are confident that we can help produce the results you want!

If your child could benefit from homework help tutoring from a qualified and caring Tutor-Mentor, then give us a call today. We’ll arrange for a free no-obligation assessment at your home and further discuss with you how we can help. We service all regions in the Ottawa region so give us a call, we would love to chat!

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