High School Preparation Tutoring in Ottawa

It is a proud moment for any parent when their eighth grader graduates from elementary school. As much as they are leaving one phase of their life behind, they are entering an exciting new phase – high school. Unfortunately, many Ottawa kids enter their secondary school years unprepared. It’s possible these days for kids to get pushed through the elementary grades simply to keep them with their peers. The problem is that they could be moving forward without gaining all the foundational skills that they will need for high school. Students who find themselves in this situation can benefit greatly from a little quality one-on-one tutoring over the summer before school begins.

Why High School Preparation is Important

If a student has struggled with their schoolwork or not kept up with the others in their grade, they may have gained a reputation for being slow, or maybe even lazy. This reputation they perceive can be very damaging as it becomes the accepted norm. “I’m slow” or “I’m not smart” should never be part of a student’s vocabulary.

High school is a chance to make a fresh start. Every child has the ability to be successful in their studies, but most will only try if they believe in their abilities. By taking the time to learn and understand the basics of what they will need for grade 9 math, English, French and other subjects, your child’s confidence will increase and so too will their ability to succeed in academics!

What can I expect from high school preparation tutoring?

Since every child’s needs are different, there is no one magic formula for what a child will learn or study during their high school preparation program. When you book a consultation with TutorBright, the first step is to provide an in home learning assessment where we determine your child’s academic skills and have the opportunity to understand their learning style.

We take that information and match your child with one of our Tutor-Mentors that fit their academic needs as well as your child’s unique personality and learning style. Working together, we will develop a personal learning plan aimed at helping the child acquire the skills they will need to feel confident entering a high school classroom when September rolls around.

Subjects and Skills Covered

While the exact material and subjects covered will vary based on the child’s needs, the most common areas of focus are math, English and French. Making sure that your child understands the fundamentals of fractions, how to structure an essay, and the basics of French grammar will help to give them a good start.

It is also valuable to start developing organizational strategies to help your child keep up with their homework and test preparation. The best part is that all of these skills are taught in a way that accommodates your child’s learning style and habits.

Is it Too Late to Help my Child?

At TutorBright, we know every child has the ability to succeed regardless of circumstance. Our goal is to help students understand that mistakes are lessons to learn from and are part of the journey towards their success. Some students may require more of a helping hand than others, but our Tutor-Mentors in Ottawa are willing to do what it takes to get your child ready for high school.

My daughter wasn’t academically ready for grade nine, but TutorBright put my mind at ease! After working with her tutor over the summer I think we both felt much more confident on that first day of school!
–Carmelina P.



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