French Tutoring in Ottawa

Learning a second language can be a fun and rewarding experience at any age. In Canada, English speaking students are required to learn French in school. In the City of Ottawa especially, being fluent in both French and English is often an advantage or requirement for many jobs.

Learning French is a difficult language and can be quite challenging for students. Even students who are doing well in French might not be getting enough practice through their schoolwork to become fluent. We also have lots of adult learners who come to us for French tutoring wishing to improve their French in the hopes of a promotion at work or who simply wish to become more proficient in the language.

Why some children struggle in French class

Just like math and English, learning to speak and understand French starts with learning some basic principles of the language. Vocabulary, rules of grammar, and proper pronunciation all help to lay the groundwork for becoming fluent in the language.

If these first essential building blocks are not well developed in the beginning, it can lead to difficulty as the course progresses.

The TutorBright Process

If you are interested in French tutoring for your child or yourself, our process begins with a free, no-obligation in-home assessment in which we identify which areas require the most work and what your child’s (or your) style of learning is.

We then match the student with a qualified Ottawa Tutor-Mentor who will lead the lessons. Sessions take place inside the home, as this is usually where the student feels the most comfortable.

French Tutoring with TutorBright

Typically, we will recommend the French immersion method as this tends to be the fastest route toward the student becoming fluent.

While this process can feel difficult in the beginning, our Tutor-Mentors are extremely patient and take great strides to make the student feel comfortable and at ease. Together tutor and student will practice speaking, reading and writing en francais. Rules of grammar and pronunciation are also a focus.

Areas covered include:

  • Core French
  • Elementary and High school level French
  • French Immersion
  • Professional French courses and tests

Our Tutor-Mentors

Every one of our Tutor-Mentors is an expert in the subject area in which they teach. For French tutoring, our Tutor-Mentors all have their background in French and have undergone training to be able to help any student become more proficient in the language.

Most importantly, our Tutor-Mentors are highly motivated to help their students succeed. Nothing makes us happier than to see the look of pride on a student’s face when they realize that they are effortlessly carrying on a conversation in French.

Why TutorBright?

As a parent in Ottawa, we realize that you have many choices when it comes to French tutoring for yourself or your child, but we believe you won’t find better quality services than those offered by TutorBright.

Our results speak for themselves. With competitive pricing, highly qualified Tutor-Mentors, some of the best teaching practices around, and no long term contracts or bulk hours, you have nothing to lose. Give us a call today to enquire about our French tutoring programs.

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