ESL Tutoring in Ottawa

English as a Second Language or ESL Tutoring differs from tutoring English to a native speaker. Ottawa is home to many international students and newcomers to Canada and many of these individuals to not have English as their first language. Since learning to speak a second or third language can be quite challenging, for many students it makes a lot of sense to enroll in ESL tutoring.

The TutorBright Process

Whether you wish to enroll your child, yourself, or another family member in our ESL program, the first step is to have a free, no-obligation assessment in your home. This allows us to assess your proficiency in English and assign a Tutor-Mentor who can help you become more fluent. Based on your needs and learning style, they will develop a personalized ESL learning plan for you.

ESL students have a wide variety of needs. Some are learning English for the very first time, while others may already speak some English but wish to become more fluent. Another category may be working adults who speak English well, but need to focus on language and vocabulary related to their profession.

Speaking, reading and writing English is perfected only through practice, and our Tutor-Mentors will patiently help you practice your English in the comfort of your own home. Much of the sessions are spent simply engaged in English conversation during which the Tutor-Mentor provides gentle correction if needed. We will also work to expand your English vocabulary and help you to become more familiar and comfortable with grammar and pronunciation.

ESL Tutoring

At TutorBright, we believe that any student can become proficient in the English language. Since the needs of each student vary, we tailor our teaching to the individual. Naturally a school age child learning English is going to have different requirements than a working adult. And someone who wishes to learn conversational English will have different needs than someone who is preparing for a government exam.

Whether the student speaks no English at all or whether they can already carry on conversations, our Tutor-Mentors meet them where they are and help them progress further.

Our Tutor-Mentors

Each of our ESL Tutor-Mentors is a highly trained, patient and caring individual. They understand that learning a new language can be tough, but they are also confident that they can help you reach your goal.

At TutorBright, being a Tutor-Mentor is more than just a job – it is a passion. Nothing gets our ESL Tutor-Mentors more excited than seeing the success of their students.
ESL students of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the chance to practice conversational English in a comfortable and positive environment.

Why TutorBright?

If you would like more information about ESL tutoring in Ottawa for yourself, a friend or a family member, give TutorBright a call today. We offer competitive pricing and you don’t have to worry about being locked in to any long term contracts. Our ESL teaching methods are among the most effective and the business, we know that you’ll love learning English with us. Call us today for your free assessment.

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