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Reading, writing, and the ability to communicate and comprehend thoughts and ideas are valuable skills to have throughout one’s life. But English class can be difficult for many kids in. With texting and social media becoming more and more prevalent, the new norm of ‘language’ between friends has become abbreviated and a far cry from English used in the classroom. While this may be fine for Facebook, not knowing how to properly structure a sentence, or comprehend a set of instructions lead to more difficulties later on in life and their academic studies.

Why some children struggle in English

Reading, writing and speaking are skills that continue to develop and evolve over time. In the early grades, kids start out learning to identify letters and phonetically pronounce the sounds that they make, before going on to read simple words. Over time, they learn to read and write more complicated sentences and English’s many grammar and spelling rules – and their exceptions.

In the upper elementary grades and high school years, students read a wider variety of materials from Shakespeare to more contemporary novels, and are expected not only to comprehend storylines but identify themes, writing conventions and analyze imagery.

If somewhere along the way, they have missed out on grasping one of the essential building blocks leading up to their current grade material, they will have difficulty keeping up with their classmates. They may eventually come to the conclusion that reading and writing just isn’t for them.

Every child can be successful in English

At TutorBright, we believe that given the right tools, every child can be successful in English class. Our process starts with a free, no-obligation in-home assessment of your child. This helps us to identify any areas of weakness as well as determine what their preferred learning style is.

We then match your child to a qualified and caring Tutor-Mentor who can help them build and strengthen the fundamentals they require for English, help them get caught up in their current course material, and give them strategies to continue to excel in English long after their tutoring sessions are completed.

Our English Tutoring services may including any of the following depending on the needs of your child:

  • Help with elementary school reading and writing
  • Spelling and grammar
  • High school English
  • Reading comprehension
  • Public speaking
  • Essay writing
  • Creative writing
  • Shakespeare and other literature

Our Tutor-Mentors

Whether your child needs to learn some of the basics of phonetics or you have a high school student who requires help understanding the works of Shakespeare, TutorBright has a qualified and caring Tutor-Mentor in the Ottawa area that can help.

Our Tutor-Mentors have undergone extensive training so that they understand how to help students with a wide variety of learning styles. Most importantly, they are passionate about seeing children and teens excel in their studies.

Why TutorBright?

At TutorBright, we never lock parents into long contracts or expect them to buy in bulk. Instead, we choose to keep our prices competitive and then let our results speak for themselves.

If your elementary or high school student needs some extra help in English, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation in your home in Ottawa.

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