Elementary Grade Tutoring & Mentorship in Ottawa

Elementary grade tutoring can benefit children in a number of ways. With class sizes getting bigger, teachers are not always available to give kids all the individual attention that they might need. Often they are forced to teach to the “average” learner, meaning that children who are struggling can get left behind. This usually leads to the child disliking school and possibly even acting out and getting into trouble.

For the child who struggles

By far the two most common reason why Ottawa parents choose elementary grade tutoring for their child is because their child is falling behind their classmates or their child needs to be pushed as they aren’t challenged in the classroom. Since each grade typically builds upon the skills that were learned in the previous grade, the child often becomes increasingly frustrated as they progress though school – not having mastered the foundational skills that their classmates are now taking for granted.

Kids may have trouble in school for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can be a medical issue such as needing glasses or not being able to hear the teacher well enough. In other cases, a learning disability may be involved. Often however, it is simply because the child has a different learning style than the majority of their classmates.

The TutorBright Process

When you enroll your child for our elementary grade tutoring program, our first step is to discover how your child learns best, through our in-home learning assessment. Once we know how your child learns and retains information, a personal academic plan will be created just for them and they will be matched with the perfect Tutor-Mentor. By using teaching methods that are geared to your child’s needs, learning actually becomes enjoyable.

For students who are behind, the goal of our tutoring program is not merely to help your child “catch up” but it’s also to give them the tools and strategies that they need to help prevent them from falling behind again. For students are ahead, we sit down with you to understand what your immediate and long term goals are so that we can create a plan that fits your needs. With elementary grade tutoring, our Tutor-Mentors can help your child in any subject in which they are having difficulty whether it is math, English, French, science etc.

These core subjects are the focus throughout a student’s academic career and it is important that they build a strong foundation so that they can be successful and confident during their secondary school years and beyond.

Tutoring that gets Results

Every parent wants to see their children be successful in school, so naturally when they hire a tutor they want to see that investment pay off. At TutorBright, we have helped thousands of kids get positive results and we are confident that we can help your child too.

That’s why we never lock parents into contracts or make them buy in bulk hours. We let our methods – and results – speak for themselves.

If your child is struggling in school and could benefit from some private in-home elementary grade tutoring, give us a call to schedule a free in-home assessment. Find out what other parents and children throughout Ottawa have already discovered. Any child can be successful regardless of circumstance if they are given the right tools – and we can help give them those tools.

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