Early Skills Tutoring in Ottawa

When most parents in Ottawa think about hiring a tutor, they don’t necessarily think about doing so for their pre-school aged child. After all, once they’re in school, their teacher will teach them everything they need to know right? But there is good reason why more and more parents are seeing the value of early skills tutoring before a child starts school.

Young minds are ready to learn

The truth is that children naturally love to learn. Don’t think that is true? Try counting how many questions your preschooler asks you in a given day! In fact, most language skills are developed before the age of five. The stronger the foundation that they can build during these early and impressionable years, they better prepared your children will be for their academic future in Ottawa and beyond.

Another advantage to our early skills programs is the positive reinforcement a child receives as they learn something new, this builds their self-confidence leading before they even enter school. Many children are frightened and anxious on their first day of school, but by building their confidence now through early skills tutoring, you can help to ensure they have a better experience when that first day of school finally arrives.

So what exactly does early skills tutoring entail?

At TutorBright, the process starts with a fun, in-home assessment of your little one’s aptitudes, interests and learning style. This helps us to gear a program that is suited to them and helps us understand who is going to be a great Tutor-Mentor match for them. We always receive great feedback from parents after the first session about how much their little ones love the time they spend with their Tutor-Mentor.

During their in home sessions, kids learn skills like focus and concentration, letter and number recognition, visual perception and cognitive skills. They engage in fun activities help them learn and retain these skills. But to them it all seems like play – because that’s how kids learn at that age. Good learning habits are praised and encouraged while bad habits are gently discouraged.

By the time kids are ready to start school, they are well prepared, ready to learn, and more than ready to take on the school year.

An investment in their education.

Many Canadians invest in RESPs to save for their children’s education, from the time that their kids are babies. That’s because they understand the importance going to college or university and they know that when their kids reach university age, they will be better off if they have a good start financially.

But there are also other ways to invest in your children’s education. Early skills tutoring is one such investment. By laying the foundation with valuable skills for your preschooler, you’ll be helping to set them up for success throughout their academic career.

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