French Tutoring in Calgary

Bilingualism is one of the many things that makes Canada a special place, and understanding French will allow a student to fully appreciate our country’s rich cultural tradition. Becoming fluent in French will also create huge opportunities for employment. These advantages are well worth the hard work it takes to master a second language, but sometimes students need motivation to understand the usefulness of mastering French. French language courses can often be a challenge for students, but if the right Tutor-Mentor helps them generate enthusiasm for the subject, there is truly no limit to what they can accomplish. Our Calgary Tutor-Mentors are able to help any student, whether they’re taking a beginner’s French course or are enrolled in French Immersion.

We understand the importance of improving written and oral French skills for increasing confidence, and our programs help students speak and write French fluently and with ease. We want to help nurture a love for the language to help make learning French fun again instead of problematic. We can help your child with:

  • French vocabulary and grammar
  • Speaking French
  • Writing French
  • and much more!

Being able to understand and speak French in a bilingual country will be a great asset to your child. Simply fill out the form on this page to book a free in-home skills assessment with us!

When my daughter was struggling with French I was frustrated that I couldn’t help her. After finding TutorBright she’s doing so much better. I love listening to her conversations with her tutor—even though I can’t understand them!
–Jacob W.



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