High School Preparation Tutoring in Burlington

The last few months before your child moves on to high school might leave you with a few questions: Is my child ready? What can we do to ensure a smooth transition?

TutorBright’s qualified tutor-mentors and individualized programs help make sure your high-schooler-to-be is ready for the academic and social challenges ahead. Our programs have successfully helped with:

  • High School Level Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • School Entrance Exams
  • Strategies for Successful Learning
  • and more!

Simply fill out the form to book your free skills assessment and put your student on the path to success!

My daughter wasn’t academically ready for grade nine, but TutorBright put my mind at ease! After working with her tutor over the summer I think we both felt much more confident on that first day of school!
–Carmelina P.



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