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Smart Start Summer Program

Active Bodies need an active mind. Don’t let a busy summer hurt their September success! Our specialized summer program consists of one-to-one, in-home tutoring sessions that get your child on the path to success. We create a customized approach to focus on your child’s specific needs.
Did you know?

  • The average student can lose up to 3 months of learning over the summer. (National Learning Association study, 2003)
  • The three subjects that take the biggest hit are math, french and spelling.
  • Summer learning loss is cumulative, which means that, over time, these summers are adding up to a significant disadvantage for your child. (RAND Education’s ‘Making Summer Count’ study, 2011)

Our Smart Start Summer Program tackles:

      • Summer learning loss
      • Weak academic foundations
      • Lack of confidence and self-esteem
      • Poor focus levels and organization
      • Accelerated learning goals
      • Academic motivation

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Summer Program Tutoring

Little Learners

Learning must be fun for our little learners! Strong foundational skills allow young students to be confident, succeed in future years, and avoid skill gaps that result in being grade levels behind.

With our Little Learners’ Fundamentals program, your young child will strengthen the foundations of their academics and confidence. We break down core areas such as:

Building blocks – Elementary (grade 3-8) Math foundations

‘I hate Math!’ is a phrase that we hear far too often from our students. When this negative belief starts early, our students can get further and further behind in math every year!

Our elementary math foundations boot camp is designed to fill the gaps in our students’ math skills and knowledge while we increase their confidence at the same time. We focus on the following areas to give them a fresh start:

Writing and Reading Booster (grade 3-8)

Reading and writing skills are used in all subject areas — even math and science! Reading and writing gaps affect all aspects of school, and when our students have skill gaps in these areas, they can impair their ability to learn in general.

With our Writing and Reading Booster Camp, your child will increase their overall literacy skills. They’ll become a stronger, faster and more effective learner. In particular, we focus on:

High School Math Bootcamp

Math can be hard! In high school, there are huge jumps in from grade 8 forward. If you fall behind early, it is quite hard to catch up without help. Math skills in high school are critical in pursuing the career and university/college program of your choice.

Our High School Math Boot Camp is built to keep math on your child’s mind over the summer, fill in concept gaps and get ready for next year’s math course. Math is all about practice, understanding and fundamentals — our course focuses on:

High School English & Essay Writing Booster

While novel studies, poetry and Shakespeare come to mind when we think about high school English, the true benefits a student receives from success in the course are stronger communication and writing skills, analytical thinking, and a critical mind — essential skills for any university or college program.

Our High School English & Essay Writing program focuses on the development of core critical thinking skills with our students. We give students the tools they need to take a step-by-step approach to the analysis of texts, paragraph and essay writing, and show them how to generate and connect ideas. We help with:

Special Education & Learning Disability Gap Closing

Our children and students with learning disabilities are capable of learning effectively and succeeding in the classroom, they just need 1-to-1 attention and a teaching approach that is specific to them. Our classrooms no longer have the resources to support our students with exceptional minds — it’s easy for them to slip through the cracks!

All students can succeed, we just need to figure out how their minds work, what motivates them and provide them with the tools, care and attention they need. Our Gap Closing programs aims to do just that! We can help with: