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Cheryl Millington

Director of Education

I’m a parent, and like you, I too am concerned about my child’s academic success. It is important to me to provide any academic help, support or guidance to give your child the best future

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Mississauga Testimonials

Jacquie ended the year with a good understanding of the materials ensuring her a good start for next year. Her final mark for the class was 80%. Thank you for your help at such a crucial time! – Dina

Chloe is doing pretty good considering they completely wrote her off for high school last year. You guys have a lot to do with that. The future looks good. – Phil

Thank you Cheryl. TutorBright Mississauga did an excellent job, my kids loved it! – Susanna

Thanks for helping Dipa achieve her goals, Cheryl. She got into U of T with a $2000 scholarship! – Diptendu