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Cheryl Millington

Director of Education

I’m a parent, and like you, I too am concerned about my child’s academic success. It is important to me to provide any academic help, support or guidance to give your child the best future.

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Mississauga Testimonials

My daughter Alex started off as an average student, but going into grade 12 I knew she needed extra help with math and history.Thanks to the help of Tutorbright,her grades were excellent. Not only were we proud, but Alex actually learned to like math and told everyone her final marks. Thanks again Tutorbright for making this happen. – Mary & Igor

Thanks to Tutorbright, I finally passed the courses with their help! If not for them, I’d be in turmoil! I’m extremely grateful for finding them because they are appropriate and have appropriate protocols to help and tailor the education and its needs for all students. I’m Deaf student, and They managed to learn and teach Deaf student like me! They performed very well! thanks to Cheryl Millington, director of Education, she’s amazing for what she have done to help and succeed! – Jenny

We just wanted to let you know that we have nothing but high recommendations for Marta. She has been working with Michael for quite a few months now and we have noticed a real difference in his willingness to voluntarily gravitate to books and reading. Last night he sat down and actually enjoyed doing his writing assignment where a couple of months ago it would have been a tear-filled activity. This is a huge behavioural shift for him and we commend her for her hard work. It isn’t always easy dealing with a tired boy at the end of the day. Especially one that used to see reading and writing as chores to be avoided. – Danielle

Chloe is doing pretty good considering they completely wrote her off for high school last year. You guys have a lot to do with that. She just got her report card and the teacher said that she struggles with math but is an active participant and works hard to get it right. The future looks good. – Phil